SKOP media policy highlights the recording of photos and videos during the school hours and activities with parents and/or with children.

Our Goal

SKOP’s goal is to ensure that the Centre, children, staff and their families are protected from being compromised in any way by social

media. This policy provides guidelines for the publication of, and commentary on, social media by staff and others who can be identified as being connected with SKOP.

The posting of photographs, videos, or children art work on any social media or otherwise, is prohibited without prior approval from the Director.

Some families at the Center have chosen to restrict photograph permissions of their child, and it is expected that all employees will be aware of this request, and abide, by those restrictions.

Employees must consider and respect the privacy of the children/families, staff, and administrators of the Center in all online activity. The posting of confidential and/or identifying information about the children, parents, or staff at the Center on social media (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) is strictly prohibited.

The media we record is for documentation, educational and review purposes of the child’s activity. It is essential to record the activity so we can later discuss with parents how it can help their child do better at home.

We often send the media to parents on WhatsApp and another medium to review and work collectively to help the child do better.