Q –  What is the size of your classroom and the number of staff per child ratio?
A –  Our goal is to maintain a small group setting so our class size is eight children with one teacher along with an assistant teacher who is available on an as need basis.

Q –  What age group of children do you serve?
A –  SKOP is licensed for a mixed age group so we do take children from 18 months to 5 years of age.

Q –  How do you accommodate for the younger children who is mixed in with the older children?
A –  Taking into consideration that the younger children who are under the age of 30 months may require certain accommodations to ensure that their needs are met. We thoughtfully implement changes within the program such as; age appropriate materials, adjusting mealtimes and rest schedule along with making crucial changes that assist with transitions from one activity to the next.

Q –  Are your teachers qualified to work with children with Special Needs?
A –  Yes, we have two Resource Teachers on staff along with Registered Early Childhood Educators

Q –  Do you provide any type of therapy in your program
A –  Yes, we do. A Speech and Language Pathologist and a Movement Practitioner consults to the Program on a weekly basis working with the children in small groups.

Q – Does the therapy session cost extra?
A –  Yes it does, depending on the needs of the child.

Q –  Is your program open to all children typically developing and Special needs?
A –  Yes, our program is uniquely designed to accommodate the needs of all children

Q –  Can you tell me how you handle challenging behaviours in children?
A –  The first step that is taken when handling challenging behaviours is to assess why the behaviours are happening. Then when we can identify the function of the behaviour, we formulate the strategies that is effective for that behaviour.

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