About Alexandra Lily

NeuroDevelopmental Developmental Movement Consultant

Alexandra Lily is a Developmental Movement Consultant who is one of only two consultants in Canada, and currently works out of the Durham Region of Ontario. She specializes in assisting babies, children and adults to overcome issues such as developmental delays and disorders, to mood and anxiety disorders, and learning difficulties and injuries.

With a background in emergency medical services, Alexandra is a compassionate and calm person who is passionate about helping people live optimal lives.

She diligently searched for answer for her own son, Cameron, who has specials needs, and discovered the NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program. Cameron experienced life-changing growth through this program, causing Alexandra to train in and eventually start NeuroBeginnings in order to help others experience that same transformation.

Alexandra Lily
Movement Consultant

I know from my own experience about the daily struggles invloved in having a child who has special needs. It can put a toll on a family’s life and can, at times, feel very lonely.

I am here to encourage and tell parents that you, in your strength, love, drive and determination, are the best advocate for your child. No one knows your child’s story better than you, and I am here to listen.

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Phone: 647-801-2265
Email: [email protected]