About Donna Palmer

Founder of SKOP, RECE & Resource Teacher

Donna Palmer has been supporting children and their families for over 23 years while working in the field of Early Childhood Education. As a Resource Teacher, Registered Early Childhood Educator and Mother, Donna has a special interest in working with children with special needs. Being passionate about providing quality care and outstanding programing for this population of children inspired Donna to open “A Special Kind of Play Nursery School” (SKOP) in 2011. This one of a kind Childcare Centre delivers a very personalized model of service to children and family in the Durham Region.

Prior to becoming the founder of SKOP Donna has worked as a Special Needs Vision Consultant, a College Instructor, a Resource Teacher, and an Early Childhood Educator. Donna sees herself as a lifelong learner and, as a result, continually pursues her career by completing numerous professional development opportunities in the area of Special Needs. These include, but are not limited to, Applied Behaviour Analysis, Hanen Program, and Ontario Blind-Low Vision Early Childhood Intervention Program.

Donna Palmer
Founder of SKOP, RECE &
Resource Teacher

With a commitment and a passion for affecting change in the lives of children and their families, Donna’s gifted teaching style empowers parents to use effective parenting and advocacy skills to overcome the challenge of their children’s diagnosis. She lives by the motto, “A diagnosis does not define who you are.”

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