Movement is the language of the brain- Anat Baniel

The foundation of the movement program is to

  • Organize thinking and regulates emotions
  • Organize the brain and promotes new neural connections/pathway
  • Increase attention and focus and improve the brain’s ability to learn
  • Calms the nervous system and promote body/spatial awareness

Movement is incorporated in our daily program.

The types of movement that we do includes tummy crawl, hands and knees crawling, jumping, vestibular movements, sensory input.

Child Care Daily activities performed at the center include implementing Individualized program plan.

Focusing on areas such as speech and language activities, developing fine motor skills, functional play skills, cognitive development and self-help skills.

Day Care Schedule includes snack time, circle time, lunch time, nap time, free play, table tasks and outdoor activities.

If you have any questions or inquiry,
please do not hesitate to call or text us