“A Special Kind of Play creates a unique play environment which allows my child to focus, explore and learn through play. The dedicated and experienced staff design activities geared towards meeting the individual needs of the children. I highly recommend that any parent of child with special needs check it out!”
Andrea Thompson-Parent
“Maria-Elena is 1 year old and visually impaired. She has been attending A Special Kind of Play Nursery School every Wednesday for the past three months, where she works on her gross motor and fine motor skills. We love going to this nursery school. Donna is great with Maria-Elena and has helped us immensely with her development. Donna has experience with children with special needs and uses a wide variety of toys and creative objects to teach the children. We look forward to Wednesday mornings.”
Maria-Elena’s Mom Ivana
“Dear Donna and A Special Kind of Play Nursery School, Words cannot adequately express my gratitude to you for everything you’ve done for Liam and our family since we met in August 2009. With your extensive knowledge and experience in teaching children with special needs, we as a family have learned so much from you. Liam has blossomed into a beautiful 18-month-old boy and many of his accomplishments can be accredited directly to you. You have exceeded my expectations for daycare, and I consider you not only a care provider for my son, but also a friend. Thank you for providing such as warm, safe, educational, fun and very ‘specialized’ environment for Liam. I can’t wait to see all the wonderful things he will do in his life! This is the perfect start for what I’m sure will be “Liam’s great life story!” Kind regards, Kristina Reid”
Mom to Liam
Unilateral Cleft Lip/Palate, Bilateral PHPV-congenital blindness
“Hi Donna, So nice to hear from you. We are doing well, just busy with the kiddies. Patrick loves his school, he loves his new friends. He adjusted very well to his routines. I was worried about leaving him there for the whole day, but he just loves to be around other kids and is doing very well. How is your nursery program going? I just wanted to tell you that Patrick really enjoyed his stay at A Special Kind of Play! He loved going there and I don’t think he ever cried there! Thanks again for looking after Patrick so well. Please say hi to Cheryl! Patrick just loved her! Take care, ”

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