Cameron is a typical developing boy who was attending a home daycare before he was registered at SKOP when he was 3 years old. His mother, Danielle, was looking for a program to send her son to that would meet his developing needs and provide more structure in terms of active learning. Being familiar with SKOP and Teacher Donna she registered Cameron to SKOP’s Daycare on a full time basis.

As part of the services offered by SKOP, each child received an informal assessment using the accredited “Hawaiian Early Learning Profile” (HELP) in order to assess their programming needs.


When Cameron was assessed it became apparent that he was experiencing behavioural issues that were affecting his learning. These behaviours included hyperactivity and struggling with completing tasks that required him to focus. This assessment was shared with Danielle who began to acknowledge that she had seen some of these behaviours, but was not aware they were impacting on his learning. SKOP was then able to support Danielle by recommending that she attended its Parenting course, which included an In-home Support visit. Being a parent that wanted the best for her son, Danielle was excited to participate in the parenting course and the additional supports SKOP offered. She began to implement the strategies learnt during the course and the hands on supports on how to help Cameron to excel, despite his presenting behaviours.

Both Danielle and SKOP began to see improvements in Cameron due to the consistency and structures offered both at the program and followed through by Danielle at home. When he graduated from the Program two years later, Cameron was able to sit and focus when paired with other students within the Program. Cameron is now 11 years old, and although he still struggles with staying focus at time, he is able to use the strategies learned during his time at SKOP to decrease the level of disruption in his life.

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