About Cheryl Charles

Resource Teacher, RECE

Cheryl Charles has been working with children and their families for over 27 years. As a Registered Early Childhood Educator (ECE) and Resource Teacher, Cheryl has focused her professional life on working with children with special needs. Her caring nature and big heart helps her when working with some of the most challenging children. Being a mother, ECE and Resource Teacher, she is able to look beyond their presenting behaviours and struggles to see the potential within each child she works with.

As part of her professional development, Cheryl has been certified in the Hanen Language Program, Child Abuse Prevention, and Anti-bias programming. As well, Cheryl has trained in the Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Ontario Blind-Low Vision Early Childhood Intervention Program.

Cheryl Charles
Resource Teacher

Cheryl is a team player, as is seen in her strong interpersonal and leadership qualities. With her exceptional skills in individual program planning for children with special needs and strong observational skills, she is an important part of the SKOP staffing compliments.

Contact Cheryl 
Phone: 905-409-7567
Email: [email protected]