About Khadija Majidzadeh


Khadija Majidzadeh is a graduate of Seneca College’s Early Childhood Education Program and is currently completing her Bachelor of Child Development Degree Program with a graduation date of 2020. As a registered Early Childhood Educator (ECE), for the past 5+ years Khadija has been working with an eclectic group of children ranging in age from 0-12 years.

Khadija became involved in SKOP as a practicum student and was hired on as a staff at the completion of her practicum due to her exemplary work, professionalism and leadership qualities. She is highly skilled in the planning and implementation of developmental age-appropriate activities that support the needs of the children she works with. Her strong communication and active listening skills endears her to the children and family she comes in contact with. As well, she is certified in the Child and Adolescents Needs and Strength (CANS) Mental Health Tool and work within Ontario’s Early Leaning pedagogy on “How does Learning Happen”.

Khadija Majidzadeh

On a personal level, Khadija is family oriented and fluent in Dari. Her youth and enthusiasm makes her a wonderful asset to SKOP’s staffing compliment.

Contact Khadija 
Phone: 905-409-7567
Email: [email protected]